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I hope this site provides you with an insight into who I am and the copywriting services I provide. I also hope it illustrates how I could help you.

For representative examples of any of my written work, please just ask, CONTACT.typographie-denseigne.jpg

I have a love for the written word of all forms and have extensive experience in many different areas of writing. As a copywriter and content creator, I’ve written about products and services in many different business sectors and interest areas. I have an ability to make the most complex appear simple, using clear, reader-friendly language. I’m also a published author, education writer and occasional contributor to several printed, digital and online publications.

I have plenty of business experience, working with companies of all shapes and sizes, from local start-ups to large corporations in Ireland, Spain, Italy and Britain. I know how to make words have the biggest impact possible for your company’s success.

Sample organisations and writing projects I have been involved with include: 

Camera di Deputati (Italian Parliament, Rome) – Legal Documentation. Confindustria (Ministry of Finance, Rome) – ‘IRAP’ Tax legislation documentation. Dublin Institute of Technology & Melbourne School of Linguistics & Languages – course and curriculum design. Ireland Touch Association – Framework Documentation including Selection Procedures. Dublin Cultural Institute – Brochures, Website, Framework Documents, Annual Reports. UEFA (Geneva, Switzerland) – ‘Web Accessibility’ projects. 

Educational Works: The Irish Culture Book series. Materials Creation – various educational organisations (Alpha College/TEFL Training International)  

Creative: Short Stories – ‘Speech, Speech’. Novel ‘God on a Bicycle’. Blog.

Other Publications: Irish Times (online), Big IssueNationalist & Leinster Times.

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