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I hope this site provides you with an insight into who I am and the copywriting services I provide. I also hope it illustrates how I could help you.

For representative examples of any of my written work, please just ask, CONTACT.typographie-denseigne.jpg

I have a love for the written word of all forms and have extensive experience in many different areas of writing. As a copywriter and content creator, I’ve written about products and services in many different business sectors and interest areas. I have an ability to make the most complex appear simple, using clear, reader-friendly language. I’m also a published author, education writer and occasional contributor to several printed, digital and online publications.

I have plenty of business experience, working with companies of all shapes and sizes, from local start-ups to large corporations in Ireland, Spain, Italy and Britain. I know how to make words have the biggest impact possible for your company’s success.

Click on the links below to see samples of my written work.

Marketting Brochures

Marketting Brochure    Information Pack


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Promotional Materials

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Policy & Technical Documents

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Book Promotions/Blurbs

God cover       tourist-book-1-softback-b.jpg     pint and haircut  dragon

Academic Reviews

neo-2.jpg    Albert_Lynch_-_Jeanne_d'Arc    the-lord-of-the-rings-book-cover


Elche1     irish-times-review.png     Geezers

Sample organisations and writing projects I have been involved with include: 

Camera di Deputati (Italian Parliament, Rome) – Legal Documentation. Confindustria (Ministry of Finance, Rome) – ‘IRAP’ Tax legislation documentation. Dublin Institute of Technology & Melbourne School of Linguistics & Languages – course and curriculum design. Ireland Touch Association – Framework Documentation including Selection Procedures. Dublin Cultural Institute – Brochures, Website, Framework Documents, Annual Reports. UEFA (Geneva, Switzerland) – ‘Web Accessibility’ projects. 

Educational Works: The Irish Culture Book series. Materials Creation – various educational organisations (Alpha College/TEFL Training International)  

Creative: Short Stories – ‘Speech, Speech’. Novel ‘God on a Bicycle’. Blog.

Other Publications: Irish Times (online), Big IssueNationalist & Leinster Times.

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