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World Cup 2011 – Final Day

Saturday, 25 June – The End of our World Cup Adventure

First of all sorry for taking so long to put up my last blog – those two-and-a-half readers were not happy at all. The public can be so demanding once they get a piece of you. 🙂 Continue reading

World Cup 2011 – Day 3

Friday, 24 June – Spain, Scotland, Japan

3 tries for me but still no wins… 

Up at 6am again this morning, then three of the hardest games of my life. And here I am after 2 am on Friday night alone in my little room writing this blog. Continue reading

World Cup 2011 – Day 2

Thursday, 23 June – USA. Switzerland.

vs. USA

First match today against the USA and not Spain as we thought. A big one for the American on our team, my buddy Mr Jim Gorman. I could feel myself welling up when the coach gathered us in a huddle beforehand. Continue reading

World Cup 2011 – Day 1

Wednesday, 22 June – England, Spain, Australia

A quick update on the first day.

6.30am: First up, the four new debutantes for Ireland were presented with their official First Ireland caps. Continue reading

World Cup 2011 – Arrival in Edinburgh

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Just a quick note. Getting ready to get into bed here in my compact little dorm room in Edinburgh. We had a team meeting – going through everything for tomorrow morning. I’m trying to stay calm and relaxed now, plenty of time to get intense and excited tomorrow morning. Continue reading

World Cup 2011 – Team Ireland Day

Team Ireland Day Saturday, June 18th 2011

Hi all

Welcome to the first entry in my 2011 Touch Rugby World Cup Diary. Continue reading