me4cI’m Ian.

I am a freelance writer and educator.

I’m the author of the novel ‘God on a Bicycle’ which was published in 2016. Two graded reader versions of the novel were published in 2017. I have also produced two Activity Books on Irish Culture, which are widely used by education organisations in Ireland, The Irish Culture Book 1 & 2. My short story ‘Speech! Speech!’ (read story here) was published in the short story collection, ‘A Pint and a Haircut in 2012.

I have worked as a teacher, as an Academic Director of educational organisations, an examiner, teacher trainer and materials developer. I have lived in Spain – in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao – and also in Rome, Italy where I worked in the Italian parliament.

I’ve also worked in no particular order as a furniture mover, security guard, barman, in a garage, in fast food restaurants and as a life-model.

In my sporting life, which I am very proud of, I have represented Ireland over 50 times in Touch Rugby at the World Cup and European Championships.

In university, I studied English, History and Philosophy. I later researched and lectured at the Oscar Wilde Summer School and wrote the script for a television documentary on Wilde.

I once talked a friend off hunger strike over a cup of tea and tuna melt sandwich. (I later bought him lunch.) I once made rice crispy buns for a murderer.

I think I’m a nice lad.

The best way to keep in touch with me is through my Facebook page or Twitter site.


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