World Cup 2011 – Arrival in Edinburgh

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Just a quick note. Getting ready to get into bed here in my compact little dorm room in Edinburgh. We had a team meeting – going through everything for tomorrow morning. I’m trying to stay calm and relaxed now, plenty of time to get intense and excited tomorrow morning.

I’ll report more after our first games tomorrow but great to be here. All the other teams walking around the campus in their national colours. All the athletes sizing each other up to see who looks fit, who looks strong, how good is he I wonder. Everyone staring at each other while trying not to seem like they’re staring. It’s almost like flirting in an inverse sort of way. Does that makes sense?

Anyway, below is my new little haircut – nothing too drastic, but if it makes me go that fraction faster, shur why not.


Forza Irlanda! Vamos Irlanda! Ar aghaidh linn!


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