Euro 2012 Treviso – Day 1

Day 1 – Guernsey, Switzerland

Howyis. Sooooo…

First day of competition. With all my worries about my calf, the management decided to rest me for the first game, which was a fair call, even though I was dying to play. I did a full hard warm up, and felt really good.

Such a relief.

vs Guernsey


It was a very good game. Not good for my nerves as I was pacing up and down the sideline right through the game (like a proper GAA Banisteoir). We came from 2 tries down to draw 7-7.

vs Switzerland

I was in for the 2nd game against Switzerland who had also drawn their first game. Yes!

This wasn’t, however, to be a ‘baptism of fire’ for me in the competition, but rather one of water… lots of it. The rain came. Nice of the Italians to organize it for us to make us feel at home. Check it out on the link below.

But this wasn’t even like Irish rain… we were barely able to see, barely able to hear each other out on the pitch. The pitches became waterlogged immediately. It became almost impossible to play.

Then came the thunder and lightning. And I didn’t even have a thunder buddy..

At half-time, the referees abandoned the game – cue much confusion. Our game was extremely close. At the half-time whistle, we were 3-2 down but very much in it. We trundled back to our tent which was also waterlogged. And then we were told that 3-2 would stand as the final result. Not happy. An Official Complaint was lodged.

Come diconno i Italiani – vediamo! We will see! But I’m not hopeful.


Me and my teammate Dawn soaked and muddy after our game. The real dejection came when we realised the result might stand.

Anyway, we control what we can control. On to tomorrow. Lots to be positive about. And specific things in our defence that need to be corrected. Immediately. But that’s for the morning.

We play the hosts, Italy, tomorrow. Can’t wait!

A domani ragazzi,


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