Euros 2012 Treviso: Day 2 – Forza Irlanda

Day 2 – Italy

We found out early that the result from the Switzerland game would stand. And our playing schedule was revised. We would have just one match today, against the hosts Italy.

This was a big one. Italy are going well. They’re a team with a couple of Kiwi islander, ex-professional rugby union players in their ranks central to their play. (Big lads!)


Remember this…

Remember this…

Now add this…

I don’t have time to put up more footage now of the team tries… but it was a great team performance.

5-3 to us.

Jeff scored two phenomenal tries plus he got the man of the match award. My sister Emer also got her first international try – a happy day for the O’Malleys. Delighted for her. She’s such an asset to our team. (Plus Jeff, even though he’s Malaysian is an adopted O’Malley anyway.)

For me, anyone who read my blog during the World Cup last year will know what a challenging experience that was, this was my tenth international match and my first win.

At our team dinner after the game, it was such a delight to look around and see your teammates smiling and laughing, happy in each other’s company, the tension of the tournament lifted for the short window where you can enjoy a great win together.

So that moment savoured and stored in the memory bank. Next up – Wales and France. I can’t wait. I’m excited.


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