Euro 2012 Treviso – Arrival

From Treviso

Ciao tutti! Come va? Tutto bene qua.

Getting ready to get into bed here in our hotel in Montebelluna, just outside Treviso. First game of the European Touch Championships 2012 tomorrow morning at 11am vs Guernsey. I’m finally getting excited now.

It’s been a really stressful week.


Ian – looking stressed

Thursday, Friday… even Saturday, I was unsure if I’d play. A calf injury that wasn’t healing. So I tried everything, physio massage, ice then heat, heat then ice, more massage, rest, kinesiology tape, shaved my head, nutrients, amino acids, dessicated liver, called the mammy, protein shakes, panic, a bit more rest and massage… and finally I think I’m going to be ok. I pray to the Touch gods I’ll be ok. But I think I will be and I’ll be able to contribute to the team. I’m so happy just to able to put on that shirt and get on the pitch. I wasn’t on the Mixed Open team two years ago, and the majority of the team are new, but we’re actually defending European Champions. It’s so motivating to be part of that.


Euros Opening Ceremony, Treviso. me in the Ireland hat bottom left corner.

I’ll have more to say tomorrow but in the meantime, the Youtube link below is a 3 minute snippet of a motivational video we put together for our team. It contains, and I’m not joking about this, the GREATEST inspirational motivation speech ever made by man or beast!


Sogni d’oro.


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