Senior Touch Championships Edinburgh, 2017


This time last year we had just lost in a drop off (extra time – each team down to 4 players) in the European Championship final to England…


And I thought that was it, turning my back on Touch forever.

But here we go again. We’ve bounced back. Senior Mixed. Back at an international championship.

Relaunched. Rebranded. Better than ever.

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Still fighting for justice and truth. Still wearing very tight pants.


Back in 2011, I played on these exact pitches we’ll play on tomorrow in the Touch World Cup, my debut tournament.


Those were more innocent times… In that year…

  • Pitbull asked us to give him everything
  • Made in Chelsea gave us all something greater to aspire to
  • Jeggins had arrived and our world changed forever
  • Donald Trump had not yet made America great again
  • I played 8 games in the World Cup and lost all 8.

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Will we ever see times like those again? The next three days will tell a lot. First game tomorrow 11am vs…. England, obviously.

Cup of tea.


And now to kick my teammate Billy out of the big bed and get a good night’s sleep.

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