Touch Euros 2016, Jersey – Intro

The night before another Touch Euros, Jersey 2016 and the build up to this goes back to the end of Euros 2014 in Swansea and waiting for another go at this.

The physical preparation for me goes back to Manchester in the mud in February when I was such pain I couldn’t bend down to tie the laces of my boots and I realised unless I did something I wouldn’t make this tournament.

You know how sometimes the vision you have of yourself might be different to how the world actually sees you…  Let’s say I maybe saw myself like this…


Then this is how my physio drew me…


In other words, I’m wonky, apparently.

What do QL, Multifidus, Psoas, Iliacus, Erector Spinae and probably a few more I’ve forgotten have in common? All muscles around my lower back not working properly.

And you know when you suspect something might mean a lot to you… When I looked at the two videos below, one month apart, what you might notice is red shorts vs yellow shorts. Physio – ‘look at that improvement! Look at your strike, transition, yeah, better, better…’  Knowing how much work I’ve tried to do on this, I started welling up cause I realised I wasn’t just wasting my time doing weird little exercise these last four months. (I showed no emotion in front of physio obviously, he thinks I’m tough.)

If you’re not moved to tears yourself watching that, then there’s something wrong with you.

Anyway, that’s all a long way round of saying I’m looking forward to playing again tomorrow. Back into the arena. First game 9.50 vs the hosts Jersey.

I heard a great quote last night on TV. Billy Jean King talking to Serena Williams after she’d just made another Wimbledon final.. ‘Never forget, pressure is a privilege. Playing under pressure is a privilege.’ I can’t wait for that privilege tomorrow.

And finally, you know how I said sometimes how you see yourself can be different from how the world sees you. I did the usual pre-tournament haircut. Thought I look good.

13598991_10157131421830297_65718028_nb 13595835_10157131419825297_2022919901_nb

I’m obviously not going to say who said this but someone close to me suggested I now look like, and I quote, ‘a lollipop dipped in chili powder… you know, like they do in Mexico’.


(I don’t know, I just don’t see it, Ania)


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