White Papers/Branding/Company Profiles


White papers are informative articles that are usually offered for free or in return for registering interest in a product or service. They are designed to engage potential customers, explaining the value and applications of a product or service and subsequently generate sales or encourage sign-ups.

Promotional eBooks are used in a similar way and both White Papers and eBooks will often incorporate ‘calls to action’ to convert prospective interest from a client into actual sales.


Choosing a company name, domain name and slogan is the first step to launching a successful business and getting it right is essential – and not always as straightforward as you might think.

There are many factors to take into account. What variant domain names might you might also need to buy? Have you ensured that your name does not translate negatively in another language? Are there potential conflicts with other brands or businesses across the world? Most businesses today hire a branding consultant or marketing copywriter to provide insight into these areas.

Slogan creation can be one of the most creative and exciting sides of marketing and copywriting. The process generally tends to be a collaborative one between the company or client and the copywriter.


A top-quality company profile is an extremely useful document for any business to invest in. It can have a range of applications from attracting investors or clients, to training and educating staff. It can help you to fine-tune and clarify your company mission and goals. It can also form part of a company’s media pack or publicity portfolio.

Hiring a company profile writer can help to ensure that your company profile is reflective and relevant, a highly-polished shorthand to present your organisation to the public. If you wish to compose a new company profile, update an older one, or formulate a specifically targeted profile for a certain purpose or application, I can help.

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