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Website Content Marketing

Your website is perhaps your most important marketing tool. Therefore, it is vital that every word on your website counts, quickly giving visitors the information they’re looking for and provoking motivation to read further.

Many website owners can struggle to find the right words to explain their mission, what they do and why customers should choose them over their competition. Knowing what to highlight and how to do it, most importantly on your Home page or landing page, isn’t always easy. A poorly written website will soon alienate your potential customers, making them question the quality and value of your brand itself.

The skill of the web copywriter is to create concise, informative and impactful website content that reflects the style and feel of your brand, and is designed to appeal directly to your prospective clients.


Website content should be a mix of powerful and persuasive words plus metadata that significantly boosts your position in the search rankings and drives visitors to your site. I write clear, effective, purpose-drive content which is optimised for search engines to ensure that your website or other online content performs at its most effective.

I can manage the tricky balancing act between optimisation and producing content that also reads naturally and fluently. I integrate relevant keywords organically, without sacrificing readability or value for visitors and use targeted headers and sub-headers, page descriptions and meta tags to further enhance SEO.

I can work with you directly to identify relevant words and phrases and to write search engine optimised content that speaks directly to your target clients. If you already have an SEO expert or web developer, I can liaise with them so that your human visitors don’t even realise that the content has been optimised.

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