Social Media/Blog Writing


Twitter/Facebook etc.

Social media has great value in boosting brand awareness, building a following and showcasing products or services. Postings generally require a careful approach when it comes to corporate content as most people don’t usually like a hard-sell approach in this area of online activity.

A social media writer knows their way around the most popular platforms and can identify trending topics, knowing how to engage and gather followers. Facebook or Twitter posts can aim to amuse, entertain, inform or promote, and can be tailored to appeal to your specific audience demographics and target markets.


Blog writing can help you to establish authority and authenticity for your brand or services. It builds engagement with your audience by allowing you to add dimension and depth to your public image and increase public perception and goodwill.

Posting well-thought-out, new content on a regular basis is essential to the success of any blog. By making use of keywords, tags and headers, and organically incorporating them into your blog posts, you can really help to improve your SEO rankings and direct new traffic to your website.

Whether you already have a blog that you can’t find the time or ongoing inspiration to post to, or wish to start a blog and need some content to get you going, I can help. I am able to write a one-off blog post on the topic of your choice or work with you on an ongoing basis to produce a set amount of blog posts. My skills as a blog writer allow me to write in a diverse range of tones and styles to suit your brand and target audience.

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