Press Releases/Newsletters

Press Releases

A press release is an official statement written for distribution to media organisations to provide information on a given subject. Press releases are constructed to a specific standardised format and layout, including information and notes for editors.

If an organisation has something newsworthy to share or wishes to respond to publicity, either good or bad, with a formal statement, a press release writer can help you to get your message out to news services and press agencies.

A press release can also be used to share the results of research or analysis that is relevant to your industry or to publicise the launch of a new product or service.

Press releases are a great way to increase your public profile, manage your brand’s reputation and highlight your unique selling points.

Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Sending out a newsletter or launching an email marketing campaign is another method to get word out about new products and services, upcoming promotions or events, exclusive discounts and special offers. People who have opted in to a mailing list or newsletter are often good prospects for future sales and can represent a very target-specific audience, perfect for an email or newsletter marketing campaign.

I can write marketing emails and newsletters that are concise, effective and designed to grab the attention of your prospective audience. They can also adopt a soft-sell approach, allowing you to share news, insights, and information, and avoid opt-outs.

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