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These are just some of the questions that are considered in these courses. There are many more!

These courses are for English language students who want to improve their English and to better understand Irish culture and Irish people. They are full of interesting and thought-provoking activities. There are hundreds of discussion questions, quotations, quizzes and creative problem-solving tasks as well as videos and songs. Users of the courses gain greater cultural awareness of Ireland and have opportunities for comparative reflection on your own culture.

What the courses include: 

  • Units & Lessons – the units cover six different areas of Irish culture and there are 207 lessons in total!
  • Videos – watch trailers for Irish movies, scenes from Irish TV shows and general videos learn more about Ireland, to improve your listening skills and learn lots of useful functional language.
  • Songs – listen to songs by famous Irish singers and music groups and learn more about the background and meaning to the lyrics of each song.
  • Online Quizzes – check your knowledge on a range of different language points and on different aspects of Irish culture using interactive quizzes.
  • Grammar lessons – study and improve your grammar with specifically focused grammar lessons and activities in each unit at your language level.
  • Vocabulary lessons – expand your vocabulary with lessons and activities connected to Irish topics and specifically targeted for your language level.
  • Reading – download PDFs for further study and student readers at different language levels.
  • Writing Support – submit written exercises at the end of each unit to be corrected by your tutor.
  • Student Discussion Box – share your ideas and interact with other students following the course.
  • Level Tests – there is a level test at the start of course to check your English language level and an end-of-course test to check how much you’ve improved during the course.
  • End of Course Certificate – complete the course to receive your special certificate.
  • Tutor Support – stay in contact during the course and after to get information about upcoming courses. 

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