Improve your English in live online classes with students from around the world.
Learn to communicate confidently for your work, your studies and your life with an expert, experienced teacher who will give you individual feedback and guidance. 

Study in a friendly, welcoming environment and learn more about the culture of the people who speak English. You can choose your class time and study at your own pace.

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What do you get as part of a course?

  • Free English level assessment
  • Live 60-minute Zoom lessons
  • Books and learning materials provided for free
  • Progress tests, individual assessment and feedback
  • Certified results when you successfully complete a course
  • Discounted access to premium digital courses on Irish culture and English language

Can I try an online class for free?

Yes! Click on the link to fill in the Registration Form and sign up for a free trial lesson. You won’t need to give any payment information, just your contact details and what you want to get from your English classes.

What are the class times?

Live online classes are scheduled throughout the day as students are in many different time zones.

You can choose the times that best suit you by filling in the Registration Form.

*All times are Irish Standard time

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How are the courses structured?

A full English language course cycle is organised around a twelve-week programme which roughly corresponds to a full course book. Students are free to join courses at any point during this cycle depending on your level.

The courses are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), the international standard for English language learning: Elementary (A1) to Proficiency (C2).

The online classes offer flexibility and the chance to customise your studies to fit your personal needs and preferences. You will be taught in an inclusive and open environment and receive every help to reach your study goals.

You can study for as long as you want and advance at your own pace. You decide when you feel ready to move levels in consultation with your teacher. 

Try a short online level test now to check your English level.  

What happens in the online classes?

Live online lessons take place on Zoom and last for 60 minutes. There is a maximum of ten students in any class.

The classes are organised around the latest course books and generally cover one main point of grammar and vocabulary per week. The four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are all covered. 

Follow-up exercises and activities outside of class time are shared through Google Drive and Google Classroom.

The live online classes are interactive and have a strong communicative methodology. You will learn with other students at the same level as you and you will get lots of speaking opportunities to gain confidence and fluency.

Tools such as Zoom breakout rooms provide the opportunity for pair work or small group work, similar to a physical classroom.

The teacher will also introduce you to colloquial language and expressions and guide you through pronunciation work designed specifically for your needs.

What materials are used?

All books and materials are provided free of charge through downloadable PDFs and links.

Before and after each class, you’ll be able to access a wide range of online exercises connected with your live classes, to practise your listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary skills in your own time.

These exercises are an excellent way to gain knowledge of a topic prior to engaging in class discussion, or to help you consolidate what you have learnt in the live class.

What technology will you need?

  • a desktop/laptop computer (preferred) or a mobile device (tablet, smartphone)
  • a reliable Internet connection 
  • a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone 
  • a working webcam 
  • access to Zoom
  • a Gmail account to access Google Classroom activities

Levels, testing & certificates

Before starting any course, you should complete a short online level placement test to get an idea of your current English level.  

After completing a 12-week module, students can normally move up to the next level. If you feel you are ready to move up a level earlier, you can contact me at any time. You can also, if you wish, do a level change test.

You will get a certificate of achievement on successful completion of a module. The certificate details your CEFR level and the number of study hours you have completed.

‘Irish Culture & English Language’ Self-access courses

With your online classes, you also get discounted access to digital online courses on ‘Irish Culture and English Language’ at your level. These courses are completely self-access and are based around different Irish cultural topics, with videos, songs, PDFs, quizzes and interactive activities.

You can practise and engage in your own time, learn lots more about Ireland and it’s people and you will get instant feedback to track your progress. In the Discussion Boxes, you can share ideas and interact with other students.

Click to on the link to see an overview of the digital courses.

Exam preparation courses

We can offer preparation for IELTS exams, Cambridge (First Certificate, CAE etc,), TOEFL, GMAT / GRE / LSAT (Verbal reasoning & writing sections), TIE and others.

In exam preparation classes, you will improve test-related skills, gain test awareness and learn about test formats and different question types. You will be guided to develop effective test strategies and given tips and techniques to help you perform better on your test day.

Business English classes & One-to-ones

For specific business-related courses or one-to-one classes, contact directly for more information.


With over twenty-five years’ experience working in language schools and educational organisations, I have been a teacher, educational writer, teacher trainer, inspector, examiner and academic director. During this period, I have lived and worked in Ireland, Spain, Italy, England and Switzerland.

I’ve facilitated and led cross-cultural and cultural exchange programmes with English language students and clients from different cultures all around the world.

Ian O’Malley

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact me directly and I’ll answer as quickly as I can. 

All of the teachers on the team are highly qualified and experienced teaching professionals. We have all worked together and care about giving students the best service and attention to improve their English. Our teachers are experienced in working with all types of students from many different countries and are online teaching specialists. Teacher training takes place regularly to ensure we deliver the best learning experience possible.

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You can register for single classes, or for packages of four, six, twelve or sixteen classes. You can attend one lesson a week or, if you want to fast-track your learning, two, three or more lessons. The exact number of classes you can attend in a month depends on your study goals and availability.

If you pay for a bundle of classes, you are not required to use these within a certain time.

You can pay by credit card via Stripe*, our payment provider, either in your local currency or in Euro (the exact price and currency will become available to you once you have selected your country of residence during the registration process).  Most credit cards are accepted.

4 lessons package – €60:

8 lessons package – €110:

12 lessons package – €150:

16 lessons package – €180:

Buy lessons €15 each:

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You can also pay directly by online bank transfer or Revolut.


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